Hyderabad, Telangana, India !
Emerging as leaders by providing superior equipment and spares including Steam Boilers, Gas Burners, Spiral Nozzles, Piston Pumps and many other products..

About Us

We at Saptam Corporation, with a firm belief in providing the best to our clients, have been manufacturing a wide range of equipment and spares including but not limited to Ignition Electrodes Diffuser Plates, Thermic Fluid Pump Spares, Basket Filter & Element, Water Spray Nozzles, Thermic Fluid Heater and Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil.  Being a Manufacturer set on developing high grade equipment, we have been improving our products and thus offering more to our clients in terms of overall value. We are also a Service Provider, which address Break Down Calls and provide services for the Repair Of Boilers & Burners. Additionally we maintain a bulk of our offerings in storage, which allows us to cater to bulk orders with ease and provide exceptional quality of services. With an annual turnover running into INR 1.5 Crores, we are today a fast emerging company that is a popular choice for many in the market.

Evolution Through Constant Updates

It is rightly said that, consistent improvement is a precursor to achieving success in any domain. We have thus based our credos on constantly updating ourselves of the changes that occur in the world each day and have thus been able to better ourselves in our domain. Some practices that have contributed towards having product evolution are as follows:

  • We conduct workshops and seminars for our teams on a regular basis and keep them updated of new processes and methodologies that are being implemented in the world.
  • In order to keep our production optimized and the quality of our offerings on an ever increasing trajectory we update our machinery and bring in new equipment as and when required.
  • The professionals who are tasked with providing services undergo training in customer interactions and requirement analysis which allows them to keep clients satisfied with their work. 


Owing to the recognition of our efforts to understand and fulfill the specific requirements of our clients, we have been blessed with numerous opportunities from a number of world leading brands. Our list of clients is testament to the quality of our products and services. Some of our most valued clients are as follows:

  • Bayer Bio-Science
  • MG Automotives
  • Ultratech Cement

"We are accepting local inquiries of South India."

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