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Hyderabad, Telangana, India !

Saptam Corporation - The most entrusted exporter of Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil, Thermic Fluid Pump, Dungs Multiblock, Beru Transformers, Federal Mogul Transformers, Honeywell Controller, Gas Burner, etc.

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About Us

Saptam Corporation is a well-known supplier and stockist of burner and boiler spares. Our company started its operations with the aim of establishing itself as a one-stop shop for fulfilling all the requirements related to burners and boiler spares. We are famous for keeping an ex-stock of genuine quality spares of different capacities and makes.

Some of our highly popular products are Synthetic Thermic Fluid Oil, Economiser Optimizer, Thermic Fluid Pump, Federal Mogul Transformers, Dungs Multiblock, Burner Rod, Ignition Transformer, and more. They are extensively used in Burners, Boilers, Thermic Fluid Heaters, Hot Water Generators, Hot Air Generators, and many other applications.

We provide products from top brands such as Beru, Federal Mogul, HeattMaxx, Riello, Sookook, Danfoss, and many others. Apart from this, we manufacture industrial heating systems such as Thermic Fluid Heaters, Steam Boilers, Incinerators, Hot Air and Water Generators, and many customized heating machinery in accordance with the diverse requirements of our customers.

We have developed a well-connected logistics network that helps us deliver all Burner and Boiler Spares and Synthetic Thermic Fluids to customers across the world with high care and safety.

We have supplied our products to many renowned names in the market. Our clientele includes names like Tata Coffee, Godrej Agrovet, ITC Ltd., Britannia Industries, Fuji Silvertech Concrete, Medicare Environmental Management, Bakefyne Foods, and ITC Hotels.

Our company gets excellent support from a sales team, which brilliantly handles the queries of customers and provides complete technical assistance. Our well-trained technicians and engineers handle the service work of Burner and Boiler with ease. At our company, gaining the satisfaction of customers motivates us, and our team works hard to maximize it in all aspects.

Why Us?

  • Genuine quality spares- Our spare parts are tried and tested to ensure they satisfy industry standards, giving our customers reliable quality assurance and cost-effective performance.
  • Ex-stock- We are one of South India's major suppliers of burner and boiler spare parts, offering a wide variety of parts for every make, capacity, and brand.
  • Technical expertise- Our team of skilled engineers is dedicated to providing technical support for all burner and boiler needs and free consultation for all spares replacement requirements.
  • Same day delivery- Our effective logistics and delivery network guarantees prompt deliveries to your door and secure freight handling.
  • Substitute to expensive and imported spares with performance warranty- We serve as the domestic substitute for out-of-date and imported parts with a performance warranty, meeting all boiler and burner spares requirements at competitive costs.

Our Services

  • Sales and Supply- One of South India's major suppliers and stockiest of burner and boiler parts, Saptam quickly and affordably meets market demands.
  • Export and Import- We take pride in being a trusted one-stop shop for all burner and boiler spares needs, serving clients internationally and exporting spares.
  • Annual Maintenance Plans- Our annual subscription options give customers the option to arrange routine maintenance and servicing, which helps the plant run efficiently and prevents problems.
  • Maintenance and Servicing- Our team of knowledgeable service experts and engineers is skilled at identifying boiler and burner problems and striking the proper chord for prompt resolution. 
  • Free Consultancy for Spares Replacement- By aiding clients in planning the replacement of expensive, imported spares with domestic alternatives, Saptam encourages client growth. Call us right away for a free consultation! 

The Story of Our Brand- Kooky

Saptam Corporation's sustainability program, Kooky, aims to give back to society. As a brand, Kooky has gained popularity for its contributions to women's hygiene, garbage disposal, and environmental preservation. Additionally, it trademarked the "NAP-BIN" incinerator brand to ensure trustworthiness, dependability, and quality.

In India, proper waste management has long been a significant issue. Improper garbage collection, moral dilemmas, and applying unscientific treatments have an impact on solid waste management. Such issues eventually result in additional occurrences including environmental deterioration, soil contamination, water pollution, and air pollution. To solve the issue of proper waste management, Kooky has developed a variety of incinerator designs under the trademarked brand name "NAP-BIN." But in order to implement any solutions, they must start at the ground level.

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator at Kooky

The issue extends beyond the volume of garbage produced and includes pollution, which poses serious health risks. Regarding the problem of sanitary napkin disposal, Kooky has developed ideas for sanitary napkin incinerators. At Kooky, our sanitary napkin incinerators can be customized, and we take care to install them safely. An ashtray and a switch for turning it on and off are included with the Sanitary Pad Disposal Machine. Additionally, a host pipe is linked to let smoke from the installation site out. 

Sanitary Napkin Dispenser at Kooky

In rural places, women still view sanitary napkins as a luxury. Kooky created Sanitary Napkin Dispensers to make it convenient for them to access it. In hospitals, NGOs, and schools, sanitary napkins are placed in the dispensers and made available to women. They can purchase the napkins from here for a very low cost or even for free. The size of the dispenser, the quantity specified for each napkin, and whether it should be automatic or manual are all completely programmable depending on the organization.

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